Lion Cut

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Lion Cut

It may seem shocking to imagine shaving or clipping a Persian's glorious coat, but it's actually not uncommon. Some of the reasons owners may choose to go this route include:

  • A recently rescued Persian who was neglected - sometimes matting can be so severe that shaving is the only option
  • A Persian who resists combing or brushing despite a loving owner's best tricks and techniques
  • A Persian who has extreme hairball issues

Win the War Against Knots & Mats

Electric Razor Shaving

One thing to remember about Persians and other longhaired breeds is that they need to be brushed/groomed daily or every other day. The cat can only do so much on his/her own to maintain a healthy coat. So assistance from humans is usually necessary.

  1. Use a metal comb and a detangling solution to work out the knots. For knots that will not budge, you can use special grooming scissors.
  2. Slide the comb underneath the knot to prevent cutting the flesh.

The Magic Brush

Brush & Comb

I named her Topaz, for her eyes, golden with darker gold speckles. On the day I found her, she literally called out to me as I drove by—a mournful yowl from the depths of the swirling snow. From that moment on, she could reach out and speak to my heart, and make me understand her.